Healthy Food Box for Two

Healthy Food Box- 2 lunch 2 breakfast 1 Dinner and delicious snacks! Order 24 hours in advance.

Pick Up Wednesdays or Fridays at 3:3opm

Healthy Food Boxes- Delicious and Nutritious!

Each box includes:

  •  Taquito Dinner for 2 (ready to bake!)
  • A bag of Mixed Greens
  • House Dressing (Lime Cilantro or Lemon tahini)
  • 1L housemade healthy Soup (will change weekly)
  •  1L housemade healthy and hearty Stew (will change weekly)
  • 200g Housemade granola
  • Organic Fruits
  • 6 healthy baked goods
  •  A selection of cold drinks (4 drinks in total- changes weekly!)
  •  Surprise Snack!
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